The AIF Group is one of the biggest and the most dynamic business group in Laos, it is also  the most diversified group of business in the country, Its business activities include  Energy, Water Supply and Infrastructure Development; Telecom and Technology Services; Precious Metal  trading and E-Trading Platform Services; Banking, Insurance and Financial Services;  Specialized Equipment, Vehicles and Construction Materials supplies;  Construction;  Property Development; and  Food and Beverage;

By having so diversified business activities and deep understanding of Lao business environment, AIF has been able to take advantage of its business synergizing and  further strengthen its position as one of the most competitive and the most flexible business Group adapting to the changing business environment. Each business unit has been managed by highly local and international professional teams with the support of AIF’s highly regarded local strategic partners. These result to the rapid and sustainable growth of the Group over the past five years.

AIF group was evolved from AIFS Co., Ltd, the first company of the Group established in 2006, Its actual history was much older, and traced back to Fa Watthana Co., Ltd, the Phoummasack family’s  owned  company,  established in 1991 as one of the first-private owned companies , and the first  precious metal trading company of the Lao PDR.

AIF group’s  annual turnover is one of the largest in the country, with over 500 permanent and temporally employees. The wholly owned subsidiaries and joint-venture companies under the group are as follows: