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Telecom and Technology Services

AIF is pioneering the introduction of the Smart Meter for both Electricity and Water Supplies in Laos.

AIF has developed a strong partnership with EDL, Lao Sky Telecom State Enterprise and Vientiane Water Supply Company to study, develop and operate the Smart Metering System throughout the Country. Once, the system is fully in place, it will assist EDL & Water Supplies Company to be able to monitor and control the consumption in the real-time, this will significantly assist EDL & Water Companies to minimize the lost over the distribution.

To maximize the benefit of the existing, and to be built communication infrastructure of AIF and our partners for Smart Meter System, we plan to provide high speed data services, Voice services, Fiber Optic and Data Center, IT Solution under the Lao Sky Telecom licenses which is one of the  full telecom licensed operators in Laos.

By taking the advantage of communication infrastructure of AIF and its partners, we  are also establishing the IT Solutions subsidiary to provide the comprehensive smart  IT  solutions one stop services to the Banking Sector, Public Sectors and Companies in supporting their business operation and services.

Smart Meter MoU signing with EDL