Business Areas

Banking and Financial Services

Banking and Financial Services is the new business activities, but the most promising business opportunities of the AIF Group.

AIF had involved in Banking and Financial services almost since the beginning of our business, by helping many local businesses accessing to funding from various financial institutions in the region to complete their projects.

By seeing the rate of accessing to banking services in Laos were still low compare to other countries in the region, AIF believes that there is good opportunity in banking services. In 2015, AIF and its partner, EDL, had completed the acquisition of Malaysian owned International Commercial Bank Lao Ltd., which was awarded the Best Retailed Bank in Lao from Global Banking & Finance Review Magazine. The bank also has the lowest rate of NPL among the local banks as well as the highest return on assets ratio.

With EDL as the co-ownership of the bank, the bank will be able to  enjoin the benefit of having EDL’s customer bases, sharing facilities, electricity bill payments as well as related internal and external financial transactions.

In addition, AIF together with EDL were approved by the government to operate both life and non-life insurance business. We plan to run this business with  support from one of the largest Chinese insurance brokerage, in order to deliver a high credibility insurances and  the competitive premium to its customers.

AIF also in discussion with its partner to launch the first venture capital services in Laos, this will provide the investment alternatives for high networks individual and institutional investor in Laos

SPA Signing Ceremony for an Acquisition of ICB Lao Between Electricite Du Laos. Asia Invesment and Financial Services, and ICB Group