Business Areas

Property Development

The driving force of AIF’s expansion in its early development stage was  Property Development. By taking the leverage of the economic booms in the last decade

AIF was able to process number of lands and properties in many prime areas of Vientiane. AIF had played a part in developed those properties into many important landmarks of Laos.

Example of the property development projects, that AIF had involved in development, were Vientiane Center, the first shopping center complex in Laos, the 5 Star Hotels including the re-development of  Done Chan Palace Hotel,  Land Mark Hotel  and many other development Projects.

Currently, AIF Group has developed and operated KnK Community Mall, Green Residents, Nam Phu City Center. In addition, AIF also owns lands in many prime areas of Vientiane, and plan to develop those areas into Offices, Hotels and Shopping centers. Those planned projects include commercial buildings and hotels on the land of former office of Labor Ministry, Eletricite du Laos’ Vientiane Branch, Central Protection Police Command, and Vientiane Energy and Mine Department and  other areas.


KnK PTT Opening Ceremony

Green Residence

Green Residence (Thong Pong Village) with sport complex in Vientiane Capital (Single House, Twin House, Town House, Commercial Building) Grand Total Project Value is U$D 15,000,000

Dok Champa Tower Project

Located in Down town of Vientiane Capital, which consist of shopping complex, sport complex, entertainment zone, office for rent, industry zone… Grand total project value U$D 1000,000,000 (One thousand Million U$D) (with area of 250 ha)