Energy & Utilities

Energies, Water supplies and Infrastructure Developments  are  the largest investment carried out by the Group together with its strategic partners.


Precious Metal trading

Precious Metal Trading is the root of  AIF Group’s business, Phoummasack Family has run gold and silver importation and distribution business in Laos since 1991.



The establishment of construction business was initially aimed to support the construction need of the Group


Property Development

The driving force of AIF’s expansion in its early development stage was  Property Development. By taking the leverage of the economic booms in the last decade


Banking and Financial Services

Banking and Financial Services is the new business activities, but the most promising business opportunities of the AIF Group.


Specialized Equipment, Vehicles, Construction Materials Supply

AIF Group has developed strong network of suppliers from all around the regions, with these strong networking


Telecom and Technology Services

AIF is pioneering the introduction of the Smart Meter for both Electricity and Water Supplies in Laos.


Food and Beverage

To exploit many prime location assets of the Group, AIF has entered into food and beverages business by working with its partners who are very successful and having many years of experiences in food and beverages.



Sysmatik Company Limited 
P3 Road, Hongkaikeo Village, Chanthabouly District, Vientiane.
Tel: 030 7771155. Email:


AIF aims to excel on each business areas where we operate, through AIF strong network of strategic partners, deep local business understanding, flexibilities and taking advantage of synergizing on its diversified business activities. Together with all stakeholders, we will continuously contribute to the sustainable growth of our country. We are committed to maximize the benefit for our customers, employees, and all other stakeholders. We will constantly improve our business services, by continuously investing in our people, innovative ideas and technology. ~ Kingphongeun Phoummasack / President of AIF Group


The AIF Group is one of the biggest and the most dynamic business group in Laos, it is also  the most diversified group of business in the country, Its business activities include  Energy, Water Supply and Infrastructure Development; Telecom and Technology Services; Precious Metal  trading and E-Trading Platform Services; Banking, Insurance and Financial Services;  Specialized Equipment, Vehicles and Construction Materials supplies;  Construction;  Property Development; and  Food and Beverage;

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